Exciting Open Day Announcement from We Fix Alloys

We Fix Alloys are proud to announce another car club open day being held at our workshop in North Shields

The event has been coordinated by @NEValetersForum from Twitter which was set up as a place for all North East UK valeters, detailers and car enthusiasts to hang out and chat about products, dirty cars and post pics. They have asked us to host their very 1st real life meet up at We Fix Alloys!!

The event is on the 8th September from 10am – 12pm

Chris from We Fix Alloys will be there to answer any wheel related questions you may have and talk about custom finishes we have available for all you car lovers!

Peter from Tyres2U – an award winning tyre fitter with over 23 years experience in the tyre industry will be there to answer any tyre related questions.

Tint My Ride are coming – a great local company with over 10 years experience in offering quality window tinting services.

Latest exciting news!! Project Touge will be there with merchandising for you and  filming the event – for those of you who don’t know Project Touge is a UK drift blog with driver interviews, car features, event reports and all you ever need to know about drifting!!

How often will you get the the chance to have all these experts on hand to discuss  the ways we can make you car look and go better?

@NEValetersForum are working  to get Autoglym there and hopefully a car photographer to take pictures of your pride and joy

We’d love to see you there and have the opportunity to meet old customers and new. Refreshments and goodies will be provided 🙂

Car clubs signed up so far include – NE Fords and the Vauxhall Corsa C Sports Club 


Alloy News

Not only alloy wheels – We also fix….

Not just Alloy Wheels…

We Fix Alloys… A great company name for a great company!

We’ve been asked by customers ‘Alloy what?’ though and they’re  right because we don’t just fix alloy wheels – we’ve ‘fixed’ and changed the colour on many different things  so we thought it would be a good idea to collect some pictures all in one place to help you know what else we could do for you.

So here goes…

One of the first jobs we were asked to do was to transform an MR2 engine bay using our custom chrome finish. Now, actual chrome plating  is a very toxic business using strong acids and certainly not to be approached lightly.. however, we can use a chrome powder coat to provide a very bright and durable finish. Take a look at this wheel – so shiny you can see the photographer in it!

Chrome powder coat finish by We Fix Alloys


However, its a different business when powder coating engine parts because of the high temperatures involved – just think your engine bay will get much hotter than your alloy wheels ever will. So, using our extensive contacts in the industry we sourced a special lacquer to protect the finish at a higher temperature whilst still preserving the chrome-look finish. Sadly not all companies use this finish and their work simply degrades or peels over time – wasting your time and money.

As always, we tried the product out on our own cars so that we knew we were providing a stable product that would withstand the conditions. Here are a couple of photos showing the finish on our GT4 parts – the intercooler surround and the turbo heatshield.


GT4 Intercooler CoverGT4 Heatshield


Once we were confident that the finish was stable we started work on the MR2 parts. As usual, everything underwent an extensive preparation – sanding down and filling and sanding again to ensure as smooth a surface as possible before the final coatings were applied. All the engine parts were carefully sealed to ensure no dust or particles could get in as this could cause serious problems once re-assembled.

MR2 Engine parts prior to chrome finish

Again, we have heard many stories from customers who had work done somewhere else before coming to us and the preparation hadn’t been as careful – causing catastrophic engine failure. Yet another reason to make sure you research the company you use carefully. See our other blogs for helpful hints on how to choose alloy wheel repairers – buyer beware!

Anyway – back to the MR2. Here you can see the rain tray and strut brace after they have had the chrome powdercoat and protective lacquer applied
Strut brace after chrome finish by We Fix AlloysRain tray after chrome by We Fix Alloys








Of course, we only did the powder coating the customer then took all the shiny bits home and had the hard work of reassembling his car!

Here’s a picture of the finished engine bay – I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth all the hard work 🙂

Chrome powder coating by We Fix Alloys


We have been asked to powder coat many items and not always car related! We have changed the colour on CCTV equipment so that it better blends with the building it is installed on, completely brightened up a mobility scooter and even renovated a fire surround.. Yes, you read that right… a fire surround – look…

Fire surround - custom powder coat by We Fix Alloys

So as you have seen – We Fix Alloys and anything else you want to bring to us – what are you waiting for – bring those ideas to us today and be another happy customer.

See you soon!

We Fix Alloys - alloy wheel repair Newcastle


Alloy News

What colour can I have my alloy wheels?

This week’s blog is all about colour – gone are the days of Mr Fords ‘any colour you like as long as its black’ and a question we often get asked at We Fix Alloys is ‘What colour can you make my alloy wheels after refurbishment?’ – We always answer – any colour you like!!

Since we’re coming up to show season we know that some of our more enthusiastic clients will be looking for something unique to them…

Like these for example

We Fix Alloys bespoke finishes We Fix Alloys bespoke  finishes

Other past clients have come in with a specific object for us to match..


We Fix Alloys bespoke finishes

We Fix Alloys bespoke finishes



We are always happy to mix and match colours to give you a unique finish to match your car… Here you can see our custom Azure Blue Chrome finish


We Fix Alloys bespoke finishes   We Fix Alloys bespoke  finishes


Some just like to go for shine. Yes – you can see the camera in the second photo – it is THAT shiny!!


We Fix Alloys bespoke alloy wheel finishes alloy wheel repair

We Fix Alloys bespoke alloy wheel finishes alloy wheel repair

And there’s just those times when we like to experiment with finishes and colour so that we can bring you best… literally any colour, mixed with another or added to another. It takes us as long to think of names for the finish as it does to powercoat or paint them!

We Fix Alloys bespoke alloy wheel finishes alloy wheel repair We Fix Alloys bespoke alloy wheel finishes alloy wheel repair


Clown wheel - alloy wheel repair Newcastle Project car

We Fix Alloys bespoke alloy wheel finishes alloy wheel repair


If this has whetted your appetite for a bespoke alloy wheel refurbishment then why not have a look at our gallery of photos on Flickr for some more ideas…

Sometimes the hardest thing is the decision – why not give us a call and see if we can help you decide what colour We Fix Alloys can make for your alloy wheel repair


Thanks for looking