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Customer Reviews of our alloy wheel repair and alloy wheel refurbishment

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Well, we actively encourage all our customers to give feedback – we have it hosted by an external company (so we can’t edit it) – if you’re wondering if you want to use us then please check out out our reviews below 🙂


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We Fix Alloys - alloy wheel repair Newcastle

Before and After Stories

Testimonial – alloy wheel refurbishment – before and after photos

Story about alloy wheel refurbishment and good customer care

We recently had a lovely piece of feedback from one of our customers and wanted to share it with you. We hope it helps you decide which is best company to bring your car to for specialist alloy wheel refurbishment. Of course we’ll tell it’s us but we know it will help if you hear that from our satisfied customers also.

“Chris was fantastic, really fast and used proper punctuation in his replies to my emails – unlike some lazy buggers these days who can only be bothered to use text speak – that really gets on my tits!
He gave me a price for doing 4 Alfa GTA wheels straight away based on photo’s I emailed and stuck to that price. I took the wheels in and Chris helped me pick a colour, he was direct, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in getting it right.
I gave him 4 wheels with tyres on, he took off the wheels, stripped the old paint, repaired substantial curbing damage, powder coated and lacquered, refitted and balanced the tyres, delivered AND fitted the wheels to my car (which Chris offered to do out of the goodness of his heart) …all in 1 day! …FOR £5!! – not really £5 😉 but he probably didn’t make much out of the deal. You won’t find better service!

The worst wheel before:
alloy wheel refurbishment before

…and after:

alloy wheel refurbishment after

…I’ve no idea if this is the same wheel or not because they all came back perfect – indistinguishable from each other and could easily be mistaken for new!
Thanks again Chris, wish more people were as devoted to what they do as you sir!


We are so commited to customer service here at We Fix Alloys that after every alloy wheel refurbishment or repair we ask our cusomers for feedback so that we can ensure we’re getting it right, every time and correcting any difficulties our customers encounter.

You can read more of our reviews here – we’ve been collecting review on our alloy wheel refurbishment since January 2013 and in the last 8 months have had 50 reviews and 15 ratings – so far our customers rate us 9.9/10! 

Why not join them and be another happy We Fix Alloys customer?

See you soon!

Before and After Stories

Project STump, not just alloy wheel repair Newcastle

Not just alloy wheel repair and refurbishment..

We Fix Alloys don’t just do alloy wheel repair…

We’ve been asked to do many alloy wheels in many colours …

Clown wheel - alloy wheel repair Newcastle Project car

and we like nothing more than being given a challenge so we were more than happy to help when one of our customers asked us to customise their mobility scooter – at their request we began Project STump

First job was to remove the tubs from the frame which our customer Ste was in charge of

Project STump before alloy wheel repair

Once we got them we could begin the preparation  – as you can see from this there was some pretty significant damage in places

Project STump before alloy wheel repair

Once all the scratches and gouges have been filled its time to cover the parts in primer so they have a smooth finish ready for the final coat of custom colour

Project STump before alloy wheel repair

Finally the parts are all ready for the custom colour to go on – this time it’s a bright orange with a high silver fleck which was spotted on our Celica GT4 at Mini Mania 2012

Here are parts in close up – some with just the first coat and some with the final version

Project STump after alloy wheel repair

Project STump after alloy wheel repair

Coming back together nicely…

Project STump  after alloy wheel repair

We added a bit of carbon fibre to the instrument panel and then handed all the parts back to Ste to put back together (carefully!). Within hours he was posting on Facebook pictures of the finished scooter all back together – he was happy, we were happy – another job gone to plan at We Fix Alloys

Project STump Finished alloy wheel repair

So remember – We Fix alloys – not just alloy wheel repair – you bring it and we paint it – any colour you like!

Before and After Stories

We Fix Alloys – see a Porsche 911 Turbo alloy wheel repair from start to finish

In this blog we take you through our process from start to finish. Today we were working on a Porsche 911 Turbo – read below to see how We Fix Alloys will refurbish your alloy wheels in our workshop.

Photo 1: Initial inspection showing kerb damage around the rim of this Porsche 911 Turbo 18” alloy wheel when it first came into the We Fix Alloys workshop









Photo 2: Before our work – this photo shows a close up of the corrosion around the valve area









Photo 3:  Before photo showing extensive corrosion to the rear of the wheel









Photo 4: Another look at the extensive corrosion to the rear of the wheel before we got started









Photo 5: This is how the wheel looks after being stripped of its paint in our custom acid bath












Photo 6:  Close up of the corroded valve area after acid strip









Photo 7: Full wheel after shot blasting and preparation prior to the powder coat being applied in power booth









Photo 8: Close up of the valve area after shot blasting and preparation prior to powder coat being applied.









Photo 9: Full wheel after powder coat









Photo 10: Close up of that valve area after powder coat. You can really see the difference we have made









Photo 11:  Fully finished wheel, tyre fitted and back on the car









Photo 12: Finished product and that’s how we work our magic. We Fix Alloys strikes again!









Don’t forget you can always see more photos in our gallery here  and then request a call back to get a quote  for us to work our magic for you.