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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Hello from We Fix Alloys

Well it’s been a while since you last heard from us so first things first – how are you? All good we hope!
We’ve been busy making those those tired and damaged alloy wheels look like new.


In case you were wondering what people have been saying about our work we’re very proud to share that we are rated 9.9/10 from our customers. Have a look by clicking here diamond cut alloys from We Fix Alloys

diamond cut alloy wheels from We Fix Alloys

It’s been an even longer time since Shirley Bassey sang ‘Diamonds are Forever’ and whilst diamonds maybe one of the hardest minerals those of you with diamond cut alloy wheels will know they are far more easily damaged.
Never fear!

We are very pleased to announce our new in house diamond cutting service – yes we can now provide that same great service you have been used to for your diamond cut alloy wheels

We’d love to hear from you – why not give us a call or pop in and find out how we can bring the shine back into your life – well your wheels anyway!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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Exciting New Premises for We Fix Alloys

We Fix Alloys are pleased to announce that we have moved!

As our regular readers know we believe in not only collecting customer feedback but also acting on it – here’s what one customer said last month:

How would you describe our performance overall? – Very good service level and car was ready when you said. The alloys are as good as new.
  • How satisfied are you with our service? 10/10
  •  How easy are we to deal with? 10/10
  • How would you rate our communication with you? 10/10
Is there anything we could improve on? – I think you are in need of better premises from which to operate to reflect a more professional image of the company and its services they provide.
Ron Brown – 16/10/2014

Well, Ron – you asked and we did!

We outgrew our last premises thanks to all your support and choosing us to fix your alloys and after much careful searching have a great new workshop space for carrying out our specialist alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment.

We’re still getting everything set up but will be open for business very soon and of course you’re more than welcome to pop down and have a look for yourselves.

The new premises have allowed us to make changes that will improve our processes and therefore the finished product we offer you.

We have 24/7 security so that you know that your vehicle will always be safe with us.

As you can see Chris is very happy with the new place!

Chris outside new we fix alloys premises

For those of you familiar of where we were – here’s a map to take you between the old and the new
we fix alloys

This is our new address

We Fix Alloys

Unit A1

Morston Quays

Stephenson Street


NE28 6UE


we fix alloys


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We Fix Alloys Headlines Spring 2014

What’s New in our Alloy Wheel World?

Well its been a while since our last blog post. We’ve been very busy in the workshop – both working on your alloy wheel refurbishment and repair and also making our processes more efficient. Recent customers who have been in to visit will have noticed the walls built around our different workshop areas – this helps maintain a dirt and dust free environment ensuring the quality of our workmanship and also has the added benefit of keeping us warm in the Winter 🙂

We must have been doing something right since based on 121 reviews and 44 ratings our customers now rate us 9.9/10.

We take our customer feedback very seriously – we have it hosted externally so you know it comes from genuine customer and we don’t change a thing. If you want to read more about what our customers think of our services then click below

Help us improve alloy wheel repair North East

Based on this feedback we have recently added a landline phone number – 0191 4661205 and a bell to the front desk to make us even easier to get in contact with.

Something else you’ve told us you like to see is before and after pictures – so you can see how good we can make your alloy wheels look too. Check these out! If you’ve had work done by us and would like to have your car featured on our website then do please get in touch.

Before and after photos of alloy wheel repair by We Fix Alloys

SAAB 900 alloy wheel refurbishment before after We Fix Alloys

Those of you who follow us on our Social Media places – like Facebook or Twitter might have heard about events you can see us at this year… so far we’ve had a visit to Driftland with our sponsored drift car team. Ian drove very well that weekend and got a trophy as a reward for all his hard work.

Ian Rutherford Driftland alloy wheels

Coming up in May 2014 you can see us at Fastlane Car Show in Corbridge and the Extreme Torque Show at Nissan, Sunderland

Later on this year we’ll also be at Mighty DubFest, MiniMania and JAE. We’ll also be hosting open days and club meets with BBQ – get in touch if you’d like to arrange something for your car club too.

Our last piece of exciting news we’d like to share is that our apprentice has completed his apprenticeship and is now our newest full-time permanent employee – well done to him!! A great addition to our team and the We Fix Alloys family.

Well that’s all for now – don’t forget you can sign up to our mailing list and make sure you get the latest news and special offers first.


Alloy News

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We Fix Alloys - alloy wheel refurbishment and repair Newcastle

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Bent, buckled and cracked alloy wheels

Never fear We Fix Alloys is here to repair even the most damaged alloy wheels

Spring is coming but the roads are still a mess!

Well we have been so busy lately repairing bent, buckled and cracked alloy wheels!

Hit a pot hole? Then you notice that within days your tyre keeps going down? Probably the most annoying thing to happen – and always when you’re in hurry! Well don’t panic, here at We Fix Alloys we have the skill and expertise to fix even the most damaged of alloy wheels. We always give you straight forward advice too – going to cost more to fix than the wheel is worth – we will always tell you before we start the work and give you a reliable estimate so that you can make an informed choice about whether you want the work doing.

Unlike some other, less reputable companies, we give an electronic receipt for all works completed so that you can make a claim to get those costs back.

Here are some of the wheels we have fixed recently..


Looks nasty but it was quick repair for We Fix Alloys
Looks nasty but it was quick repair for We Fix Alloys
Cracked alloy wheel before and after repair by We Fix Alloys
Wheel on the left shows after weld and on the right before


Don’t just take our word for it – all our customers are encouraged to review our work and give feedback here – and here’s what one happy customer recently told us

“Had a buckled alloy and couldn’t find anywhere that could fix it. I saw We Fix Alloys website and got in touch. They were very helpful and repaired the alloy the following day. Great service great job and well priced. Would certainly recommend. Thanks a lot”

We Fix Alloys - alloy wheel repair Newcastle

Alloy News

Customer Care and Opening Hours

We Fix Alloys –  Specialist alloy wheel repair and refurbishment in Newcastle and the North East

Committed to Customer Care and Improving your Experience

We Fix Alloys - alloy wheel repair Newcastle

Commited to service

As many of you who have already used our services know – here at We Fix Alloys we like to put the customer first.

Before we start any work on your wheels we take time to ensure we are offering you the best value repair or refurbishment for your budget. We run regular special offers (make sure you sign up for the Newsletters so you don’t miss out). We also support local and national car clubs by offering their members’ discounts on all work carried out – so if you run a club why not get in touch today and see how we can help your members.

Many of our happy clients take the time to give us testimonials for which we are very grateful and we are currently trialling some new software on our website that allows YOU to tell us what like or don’t like and what you would like to see us do differently.  There’s a little poll on there too and we would really appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you think.

One last point – our regular opening hours are 8:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday but if you need to be seen outside of these hours – say at the weekend or to drop wheels or cars off earlier or later in the day then please tell us – we’re here to make sure your alloy wheel repair or refurbishment goes as smoothly as possible for you.

We like to make sure every customer gets exactly what they want, for the right price, every time – We Fix Alloys – putting YOU first.

Alloy News

Not only alloy wheels – We also fix….

Not just Alloy Wheels…

We Fix Alloys… A great company name for a great company!

We’ve been asked by customers ‘Alloy what?’ though and they’re  right because we don’t just fix alloy wheels – we’ve ‘fixed’ and changed the colour on many different things  so we thought it would be a good idea to collect some pictures all in one place to help you know what else we could do for you.

So here goes…

One of the first jobs we were asked to do was to transform an MR2 engine bay using our custom chrome finish. Now, actual chrome plating  is a very toxic business using strong acids and certainly not to be approached lightly.. however, we can use a chrome powder coat to provide a very bright and durable finish. Take a look at this wheel – so shiny you can see the photographer in it!

Chrome powder coat finish by We Fix Alloys


However, its a different business when powder coating engine parts because of the high temperatures involved – just think your engine bay will get much hotter than your alloy wheels ever will. So, using our extensive contacts in the industry we sourced a special lacquer to protect the finish at a higher temperature whilst still preserving the chrome-look finish. Sadly not all companies use this finish and their work simply degrades or peels over time – wasting your time and money.

As always, we tried the product out on our own cars so that we knew we were providing a stable product that would withstand the conditions. Here are a couple of photos showing the finish on our GT4 parts – the intercooler surround and the turbo heatshield.


GT4 Intercooler CoverGT4 Heatshield


Once we were confident that the finish was stable we started work on the MR2 parts. As usual, everything underwent an extensive preparation – sanding down and filling and sanding again to ensure as smooth a surface as possible before the final coatings were applied. All the engine parts were carefully sealed to ensure no dust or particles could get in as this could cause serious problems once re-assembled.

MR2 Engine parts prior to chrome finish

Again, we have heard many stories from customers who had work done somewhere else before coming to us and the preparation hadn’t been as careful – causing catastrophic engine failure. Yet another reason to make sure you research the company you use carefully. See our other blogs for helpful hints on how to choose alloy wheel repairers – buyer beware!

Anyway – back to the MR2. Here you can see the rain tray and strut brace after they have had the chrome powdercoat and protective lacquer applied
Strut brace after chrome finish by We Fix AlloysRain tray after chrome by We Fix Alloys








Of course, we only did the powder coating the customer then took all the shiny bits home and had the hard work of reassembling his car!

Here’s a picture of the finished engine bay – I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth all the hard work 🙂

Chrome powder coating by We Fix Alloys


We have been asked to powder coat many items and not always car related! We have changed the colour on CCTV equipment so that it better blends with the building it is installed on, completely brightened up a mobility scooter and even renovated a fire surround.. Yes, you read that right… a fire surround – look…

Fire surround - custom powder coat by We Fix Alloys

So as you have seen – We Fix Alloys and anything else you want to bring to us – what are you waiting for – bring those ideas to us today and be another happy customer.

See you soon!

We Fix Alloys - alloy wheel repair Newcastle


Alloy News

Caring for your alloy wheels all year round

We Fix Alloys: alloy wheel repair Newcastle and the North East

Caring for your alloy wheels all year round

If you have fitted alloy wheels to your car then you know the importance of keeping these clean and in good condition.

We Fix Alloys alloy wheel repair Newcastle custom finishes

Some drivers like to fit winter wheels on their vehicles, which are a bolt-on solution for those harsher winter conditions and this can be a great and cheap investment. However, if you don’t want to do this, then you need to protect your alloy wheels from the extra grit and salt as well as other corrosive materials found on roads in the colder months of the year.

Brake dust is another of the major problems you might have with your alloy wheel and this can prove to be rather hard to clean off or remove. This dust is released every time you apply your brakes.  It is caused by the friction on the discs and pads and is a mixture of metal filings, carbon fibres and adhesive residues.

Although you can purchase many products to clean away this dust and you should do this as frequently as possible, we would recommend soap and water.  Some of the proprietary cleaners contain acid and this can damage your alloy wheel further. If you regularly wax your alloy wheels just as you would paintwork, then they will remain in good condition and reduce the risk of any corrosion from occurring.

Alloy wheels add a certain look to any vehicle, however, if they are not kept in good condition, then the look is spoilt, and your alloy wheels will start to show signs of rust. Not only do the wheels look unsightly but eventually this can cause structural damage to the wheel itself. Keeping your wheels in perfect condition is important to road safety. You have to keep an eye on them with routine checks not only to clean away any dust and debris to keep them looking as good as new, but to keep your vehicle safe on the road too. Recent MOT changes include checks on your alloy wheels so if you have any concerns please visit us for advice, repair and refurbishment.

Alloy News

The Top 10 signs you still love your car with Alloy Wheel Repair

The Top 10 signs you still love your car are…alloy wheel repair Newcastle

You still look back at it every time as you leave the car park alloy wheel repair

You’ve parked it at the end of the car park away from other cars

You still think your car is one of the best-looking vehicles on the road

You still take pictures of it

You park it so that it looks sexy, even though you really know it’s just for yourself

You still squat down to admire it in from different angles

After a bad day, you look forward to driving it, and the drive always makes you feel better

When you return from driving another car, you’re amazed how good your car feels

Even when it’s dirty, it’s still beautiful to your eyes

You’ve brought it to We Fix Alloys for an alloy wheel repair!


Book in today for a great alloy wheel refurbishment – go on, you know you love your car – She’s worth it :)

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We Fix Alloys - alloy wheel repair Newcastle

Alloy News

We Fix Alloys moves to bigger and better premises for alloy wheel repair

News from We Fix Alloys – Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment Newcastle and the North East

We are very happy to announce that We Fix Alloys  have moved to bigger and better premises.

We have enjoyed our time at our old workshop but it was time to move on as we had outgrown the space.  Our new bespoke designed premises are even easier to find being just off the Coast Road at the turn off for Tesco’s. Nearby restaurant My Shanghi could be just the place to go while you wait or perhaps you’ll pop to Tesco’s for some shopping. We also have a comfortable waiting area if you’d prefer.

As of 15th October 2012 you will be able to find us here:

We Fix Alloys

Norham Road

North Shields

NE29 8LZ


All other contact details remain the same and of course you will get the great customer service and fantastic alloy wheel repair and refurbishment you are used to!

We look forward to posting pictures of our bespoke workshop facilities where we will carry out your alloy wheel repairs to a high standard.

We will be sending out details of our grand opening event very soon so watch your inbox’s or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our great alloy wheel repair news and offers