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5 Things Alloy Wheel Repair services CANʼT fix:

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5 things alloy wheel repair services CAN’T fix

Since we’ve been sharing all the great things we CAN do for you we thought it was time we told you what alloy wheel repair can’t do. This is important for you to know when talking to companies so that they don’t make promises they can’t keep. A professional repairer will be able to check each wheel and let you know whether the damage can be safely repaired.

Here are 5 things to look for that means you might haveally wheel  to scrap the wheel and buy a new one:

  1. Badly Cracked Rim. The rim supports the full weight of your vehicle when cornering. Some minor cracks can be repaired by welding but the stresses on the wheel could cause the cracks to enlarge causing a blowout.
  2. Buckled Wheel – Damage caused to the wheel by a large sideways force, for example, sliding sideways on ice or a very wet surface into a kerb, can cause the wheel to buckle. This means the wheel won’t run “true”. The symptom of a buckled wheel is felt as vibration through the steering. If the wheel has buckled in all three dimensions it can be impossible to repair or the cost of repair becomes more than the cost of a new wheel.
  3. Bent Rims – Usually caused by running over something in the road at speed. Sometimes caused by mounting a step on to a pavement or into a car park. Another way a rim can become bent is by running with deflated tyres or with a puncture. The weight of the vehicle either suddenly or constantly on the wheel rim can bend the rim. This breaks the seal between the wheel and the tyre and may result in a blowout. As before, minor distortions can be repaired but anything.
  4. Severe Corrosion – If you allow alloy wheels to become so corroded the alloy becomes perforated they can’t be safely repaired. Some parts of alloy wheels, especially split-rim wheels can be quite thin. Minor corrosion can be filled or ground out but severe corrosion creates tiny leaks in the wheel that allows air to leak. The symptom of this is like a slow puncture and can be dangerous if your tyre deflates and you don’t notice.
  5. Distorted Wheel – this is where the wheel becomes slightly oval instead of round. This can also be caused by striking something in the road, even at low speeds. The wheel becomes deformed. The deformation is not just something that can be bent back into shape. The process of bending the wheel in this way makes it stretch slightly in different directions so it can’t be put back to its original dimensions. As with a buckled wheel the result will be vibration felt in the steering. In minor cases this will just be uncomfortable but severe cases can make the car vibrate so much it becomes dangerous to drive.

As always please call the experts at We Fix Alloys if you have any concerns about the damage to your wheels. Advice costs nothing and we will always offer you impartial advice about what’s best for your alloy wheel repair.








How to choose an Alloy Wheel Repairer

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How to choose a great Alloy Wheel Repair Expert

When selecting someone to refurbish your Alloy Wheels, take time to find one who:

  • Specialises in repairing and refurbishing alloy wheels and that this isn’t some sideline business.
  • Has invested in all the equipment to carry out every stage of the wheel repair process, not just a touchup job.
  • Is willing to come to you to carry out the work near your home or your office if it’s a small alloy wheel repair
  • Allows you to book a definite appointment to do the job so you can make plans while your vehicle is off the road.
  • Will provide you with a guarantee for the work they carry out.
  • Explains they will need to remove the wheels from the vehicle, and the tyres from the wheel to carry out a proper repair – unless the repair is a simple cosmetic one.
  • Lets you see some examples of work they’ve carried out previously.
  • Has a great website full of useful information that shows they are specialists in alloy wheel repair.


The best Alloy Wheel Repairers are those who specialise in doing this work and don’t just do it as a sideline to some other business.  Ask to see their workshop and the equipment they use. Good alloy wheel repair needs a clean and tidy environment to ensure the best of finishes – don’t be afraid to check out your repairer and where they work.

This is why you should use We Fix Alloys for your alloy wheel repair Newcastle, Hexham, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, Blyth, Newbiggen, Tynemouth, North Shields, Wallsend, Benton, Gosforth, Heaton, Fenham and Jesmond.

We regularly travel further south for our customers and can arrange for courier pick up if needed.

Don’t delay – request a call back today

We Fix Alloys - alloy wheel repair Newcastle

We Fix Alloys – see a Porsche 911 Turbo alloy wheel repair from start to finish

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In this blog we take you through our process from start to finish. Today we were working on a Porsche 911 Turbo – read below to see how We Fix Alloys will refurbish your alloy wheels in our workshop.

Photo 1: Initial inspection showing kerb damage around the rim of this Porsche 911 Turbo 18” alloy wheel when it first came into the We Fix Alloys workshop









Photo 2: Before our work – this photo shows a close up of the corrosion around the valve area









Photo 3:  Before photo showing extensive corrosion to the rear of the wheel









Photo 4: Another look at the extensive corrosion to the rear of the wheel before we got started









Photo 5: This is how the wheel looks after being stripped of its paint in our custom acid bath












Photo 6:  Close up of the corroded valve area after acid strip









Photo 7: Full wheel after shot blasting and preparation prior to the powder coat being applied in power booth









Photo 8: Close up of the valve area after shot blasting and preparation prior to powder coat being applied.









Photo 9: Full wheel after powder coat









Photo 10: Close up of that valve area after powder coat. You can really see the difference we have made









Photo 11:  Fully finished wheel, tyre fitted and back on the car









Photo 12: Finished product and that’s how we work our magic. We Fix Alloys strikes again!









Don’t forget you can always see more photos in our gallery here  and then request a call back to get a quote  for us to work our magic for you.

10 Reasons why you would need We Fix Alloys, alloy wheel repair Newcastle

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10 Reasons why you would need We Fix Alloys,  alloy wheel repair Newcastle

So you have alloy wheels – why would need them repaired at alloy wheel repair Newcastle?

1. You are about to sell your car or motor bike and want to get the best price for your vehicle.
2. You have a leased car and will get hit with a big repair bill from the lease company if there is damage to the car’s wheels
when it’s due for return.
3. You accidentally clipped a kerb and need a quick alloy wheel repair.
4. Your alloy wheels have been damaged over time by a build up of brake dust and road grime.
5. You ran into a pothole and caused damage to a wheel rim.
6. You have a classic car that you want to keep in showroom condition.

About We Fix Alloys and what we do in alloy wheel repair Newcastle

Written by wefixalloys. Posted in Alloy News

About We Fix Alloys and what we do in alloy wheel repair Newcastle

In this blog we will tell you about We Fix Alloys, alloy wheel repair Newcastle and why you should use us

Why fit alloy wheels?

  • Alloy Wheels are made of material that can easily be damaged but often can also be easily repaired.
  • Car and motor bike manufacturers prefer to use alloy wheels because they look better than the steel versions.
  • This is because aluminium alloy doesn’t rust like steel and it can be made into a greater variety of shapes and finishes.
  • As a result the finished vehicle looks nicer while you own it and will sell for a higher price when its time to move on!
Drawbacks of fitting alloy wheels…

  • The downside is that the alloys used for these sorts of wheel are also softer than steel so they are more prone to damage, making them look scruffy and unattractive whenever you walk up to it or see it in the drive.
  • As a result, when you come to sell a vehicle with damaged alloy wheels you’ll either get a offered a lower price than you expected to get or you’ll find it more difficult to find a buyer.
  • The damaged wheels will make a prospective buyer think you’ve not looked after the vehicle properly and there may be other damage that isn’t so visible, meaning you could easily lose a potential buyer.
How much difference does it make?

  • The difference between a car with damaged alloys and the same car with showroom condition alloys is typically £500 to £1000.
  • The one with damaged wheels will definitely take longer to sell.
  • Whenever you see your car you smile with pride at how good it looks
  • Refurbishing your alloy wheels is one great way to customise your car and make it unique to you

So the reasons to come to us are…

  • Damaged alloy wheels, apart from making your car or motor bike look scruffy can also hit you in the pocket when you come to sell your vehicle.
  • Even if you don’t own your vehicle, and lease it instead, you’ll be penalised at the end of the lease term. The first thing a vehicle inspector notices when they assess your vehicle at the end of a lease are the wheels. If they are damaged you’ll end up paying for them anyway, possibly to the full value of a replacement set of new wheels
  • So, in summary, whether you own or lease your vehicle it pays to take care of your wheels and get them repaired if they become damaged.

alloy wheel repair Newcastle

For any type of alloy wheel repair Newcastle give We Fix Alloys a call on 08000 14 15 99.

We currently operate in Newcastle upon Tyne, Hexham, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, Blyth, Newbiggen, Tynemouth, North Shields, Wallsend, Benton, Gosforth, Heaton, Fenham and Jesmond.

We regularly travel further south for our customers and can arrange for courier pick up if needed. What are you waiting for?!

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